Halle Berry
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Maria Halle Berry

August 14, 1966 (age 45)
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.

Judith Ann
Jerome Jesse Berry

David Justice (1992–1997)
Eric Benét (2001–2005)


Halle Berry's role in X-Men:
Halle Berry played the role of Storm who is also Ororo Munroe who is a mutant as well. Storms mutant power is the ability to control the weather with her mind. She can create anything from lightning to tornadoes at will. Ororo was an orphan who lived in Cairo as a burglar until Xavier has found her. Since then she has been fighting crime under the name of Storm. In Cairo she was praised as a Goddess.

Halle Berry Interview for X-Men

Movies Halle Berry starred in:
Frankie and Alice (2010) Frankie
Things We Lost in the Fire (2007) Audrey Burke
Perfect Stranger (2007) Rowena Price
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) Ororo Munroe
Their Eyes Were Watching God (2005) Janie Starks
Catwoman (2004) Patience Phillips
Gothika (2003) Miranda Grey
X2 (2003) Ororo Munroe

Awards that Halle Berry has won:
2009 Won Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema
2008 Won Desert Palm Achievement Award Things We Lost in the Fire
2008 Won BET Award Best Actress
2007 Won People's Choice Award Favorite Female Action Star
2007 Won Star on the Walk of Fame Motion Picture
2006 Won Woman of the Year
2006 Won Christopher Award Lackawanna Blues
2005 Won Black Movie Award Lackawanna Blue