Name: Willem Dafoe

Date of birth: July 22 , 1955

Place of birth : Appleton,Wisconsin

Profession : Actor

Willem Dafoe in Spiderman:
The Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe) aka the Green Goblin is generally known as Spiderman's enemy. After he created a formula that supposedly increases a soldier's strength, he decided to test it on himself first, which then turned him insane. Osborn (Dafoe) then creates a combat suit and steals an experimental flight wing to become the "the Green Goblin". Norman murdered all of his business rivals and those he thought they were inferior to him . In one of his assassination missions, he encounters Spiderman when he suddenly decides to start a battle with him. The fight came to a halt when Spiderman corrupted the Green Goblin's glider. Towards the end of the movie, the two fight one last time, in which Spiderman dodges the goblin's glider, to force the speeding weapon into his enemy's heart in order to get the kill.

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Chief of Staff

Awards and Nominations:
Academy Awards
  • 1986: Nominated, "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" – Platoon
  • 2000: Nominated, "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" – Shadow of the Vampire
Saturn Awards
  • 2001: Won, "Best Supporting Actor" – Shadow of the Vampire
Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards
  • 2005: Nominated, "Best Acting Ensemble" – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (shared w/co-stars)
  • 2002: Won, "Special Award:For immense contribution to the art of film."
Chicago Film Critics Association Awards
  • 2001: Nominated, "Best Supporting Actor" – Shadow of the Vampire
  • 2003: Nominated, "Best Supporting Actor" – Auto Focus
Chlotrudis Awards
  • 2002: Nominated, "Best Supporting Actor" – Shadow of the Vampire